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  You want to paint orcs!?!?  Vance Hartwell spent a good number of months working on the Lord of the Rings trilogy and has contributed a paint guide for just such a task.  FX pro Jon Fuller sculpted this nasty little guy (which isn't an orc btw) and Rick Difeo saw a great opportunity to have one of the world's best FX painter paint it in the style of the Morida orcs.  Read step by step how Vance did it.


  How did Casey Love paint this guy?  Find out in our exclusive and extensive paint demo by one of the masters.  Casey walks you step by step through the paintjob of his piece called the assassin.  Click here


How to Seam a Mask

  Vance Hartwell's been doing it in Hollywood since the 80's.  He was kind enough to give us the run down on the proper way to seam a mask.  Now, there is no excuse for a crummy seam line.  Click here to read more.

  What's the Doctor got to Say?
  If you have a sick mask, you take it to the doctor.  The mask doctor that is.  Kelly Mann has been fixing em up good as new for years now.  Find out here some tips he has to keep those masks looking great, long after your friends' masks have rotted away.  If your mask is  beyond home repair, click on over to his site for a first class treatment.