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  I have been collecting masks for 5 or 6 years. I feel I was lucky to have obtained some great original and very hard to find masks for my collection. I have purchased most of my masks through internet auctions and from other collectors. The best thing about mask collecting is that there is always some rare or new creation popping up.  There are just so many talented sculptors and mask makers out there. It's what keeps the world of latex masks alive and thriving.
  Sculpted by one of the best Hollywood FX artists Miles Teves.  This piece was offered through Death Studios.  It lived for years in clay form before molding.  Miles wanted to call it the Hemoglobin Hobgoblin, but was convinced otherwise.

A very large foam latex, one-of-a-kind Fish head display mask. It is 19" H by 18" L with acrylic teeth. I do not remember who made it, but it was made for the children's TV show 'Nickelodeon'. I paid $200 for this. Another high quality original piece.                   

  Here are two Frog heads that were sculpted and custom painted by Sandy Collora. Both came from the same mold but painted differently. One is foam filled and made of foam latex. Excellent quality pieces.    
  I won this Cyclops head on Ebay from Steve Johnson's FX auctions and I feel I "stole" it for $250. There was an estimated worth price in the auction description of $1000- $1500. I just could not believe the quality of the piece when it arrived and I opened the box. Well worth $250, especially when I see some of the masks that some mask makers sell for $200-$250. It's a top quality piece.
  Here is another Cyclops head. This was made by Don Lanning of Monsterland. It is large foam filled and made of foam latex. Lanning made this for one of the episodes on the comedy t.v.show "Mad TV".
  Here is a very cool display mask of my Funhouse Monster made by John Caplin in the late 80's. It is of an albino mutant from the 1981 move "The Funhouse". I paid $225 for this mask.  
  Here is my other custom made and film used large full head latex mask that
was featured in the Full Moon's movie "ALIEN ARSENAL" as the titular creature. This mask was also originally created by MODUS EFX PRODUCTIONS, a Los Angeles based make-up FX studio, for the comedy film " Silence of the Hams". It was designed and sculpted by famous creature creator Jordu Schell and painted by Rich Mayberry. Only 2 copies were made but these masks were painted differently.  The other copy is retained by Full Moon in their private collection. Comes with a COA which is signed and dated by MODUS EFX owner  David Barton, that indicates it's origin and authenticity. I won this on an Ebay auction 3 or 4 years ago for $265.

  Here is my custom made and film used full head latex mask with glass eyes. This mask was created by MODUS EFX PRODUCTIONS, a Los Angeles based make-up FX studio, for the comedy film " Silence of the Hams" which starred Billy Zane and Dom Delouise. It was used in a Star Wars-type cantina sequence. Only 2 copies were made for the movie. One mask was physically altered and painted differently and is currently in the director's collection in Italy. My mask here is #2 of 2. Both masks were designed and sculpted by Mike Derk.  
  Here is a long out of production display mask called the Exterminon. I do not know who sculpted this one. I bought this from Death Studios owner, Jeff Keim. This was a personal copy of Jeff's. He custom painted it and added extra "thorns" along with acrylic teeth.
  Here is a display mask of the Outer Limits character...OBIT. It was made by the very talented Harry Inman. He only made about 10 copies of this mask and I got the last one before the mold was destroyed. It is made of extra thick latex. It has an excellent paint and hair job. You just have to love that one eyeball and unibrow. Super quality piece.
  Here is a one-of-a-kind prototype Cyborg character. It was never released to the public. This foam filled Cyborg was made by Henry Alvarez's bother, Dominick Alvarez who made it in 1992 . It has a glass eye and is very well detailed. I paid $400 for it about 3 years ago. Awesome piece.
  Here is another one-of-a-kind mask made by Donald Poage. He made numerous masks for the S.F. mask company back in the 80's. I got this mask off him after he retired from mask making. This great original mask has incredible detail and an excellent paint job.


  Here is one incredibly detailed and realistic lifesize latex deformed head. Even the eyeball was painted. I bought this off Ebay I paid $200 for it. Well worth the buying price. One of my favorite pieces.  It was made by Jordu Schell for Spectral Motion and is called Nigel.  Excellent quality piece.
  This is what happened when Rick's wife got too close to his collection.  I hope she didn't give Quadroid indigestion.  You don't believe me huh?  Ok, Rick picked this up at a garage sale, painted it and is using it as a display stand.  Have to admit it sure beats coke bottles.  Mask is a Don Post prototype called you guessed it Quadroid.
  A fat devil mask I own. Does not really have a name.  I got this off of Ebay a couple years ago. As far as I know the mask maker only made this one. He was hoping to make copies for a Halloween outlet but i don't know what happened. I do not have the his name.  Cool looking mask. I added some eyes to it for display.
  This is from the original movie mold of the creature in the 1984 movie C.H.U.D ( Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers ). It is foam latex and completely foam filled. It has huge glass taxidermy reptile eyes with plastic teeth with hardened drool over them. It has great detail and simply a rare piece. This is only #2 of 2. The guy who made this from the original movie mold has the other one. He made this copy before the mold was destoyed. This was like a background monster in the movie.
  Very few of these babies are in existence today.  Super rare and super thick casting.  Originally sculpted by Wayne Strong.  Rick sure knows how to find them and doesn't waste any time getting them for his collection.


Another group of ghastly masks.  Inman's Baron Blood (one of my all time favorites), his Pit Bitch and Dr. Lady's  Blood of Dracula mask.