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  I've enjoyed watching horror and sci-fi films since I was little, and Halloween has been my favorite time of year ever since I can remember.  I've been seriously collecting masks for the past several years, although I've bought and sold catalog and costume shop masks for much longer.  I love unique and older masks, and have recently been very interested in the higher end masks such as ones sold by Dr. Lady and Harry Inman.  I've recently decided to focus on a sub-collection of female monsters / women in horror; I've purchased a few great pieces, but have a long way to go to have that ultimate collection.          

Star Trek Salt Vampire also known as Nancy.  From  All Artistries.  A brand new addition to the collection.



  These masks were made in the mid 80's and purchased by me in 2001.  These are truly one of a kind pieces, as the mold has been broken for all three.  I must say they are my all-time favorites. 

All three of these masks were sculpted in 1985 and '86 by Rob Tharp.  Rob wanted to try his hand at sculpting, though he'd always been a painter.  Some of the masks he sculpted during that time were put into the Don Post product line, but these three didn't make it.  The one with the little figures on it was "too complicated."  The Face Hugger knockoff was "too disgusting," and it remains a mystery as to why the upside down guy wasn't used, since he's rather cute.


  pic 1: A variety of Death Studios masks including Mutant, Swamp Witch, Albino Vampire (?..I'm not sure that's the name of this piece), Mangler, and Smiley.

pic 2: The threesome picture are 3 of the new masks I received today.  The mask on the left is Sandra Harrison from Blood of Dracula, David Lady; in the center is Vampira, by D. Lady, and on the right is Gargoyle, 1988, Nisi.  For now, Vampira will be the centerpiece of my women in horror collection, flanked by my other great female pieces.  I'm expecting the Unnamable bust by Harry Inman in October or November, which will probably take her place in the center.

  pic 1: Masks are from dkp studio, 1980's by Donald Poage for SF Mask or for Halloween.  They are left to right: Mad Dr. Z, Red Stomatoid, Fallout Face, Blue Stomatoid, Slime Dweller.

pic 2: Same maskmaker and time frame as sf-1; left to right: Green Fiend, Dragon Man, Spider County Alien, Goon, Goblin

pic 3: My collection of Universal Monsters.  I'll be adding the Metaluna Mutant to this group later on this week.  I'm very fortunate to have these shelves and masks immediately to my left at work; perhaps my boss hopes their presence will stimulate my creative juices!  

pic 4: My small SW collection, all Don Post.  I will soon be adding Boba Fett and Stormtrooper helmets to the group.

  A variety of masks from Death Studios, Harry Inman, Topstone, Great Coverup, MMP, SF Mask, Rubies, Distortions, Darkside Studio, Mad Martian, a couple of unknown/unsigned masks, and one of my favorites, Mutations by Stan Post. 
  pic 1: Miscellaneous aliens, several are unsigned and unique pics of known pieces include Don Post Gastro (1985), Don Post Syngenor (1981), Don Post (1984), Topstone Alium (1984) and Distortions Andromeda (1985).

pic 2: Various Death Studios masks including Cutter, Carnivore, Nightbeast, Gothic Demon, and Cheryl.

pic 3:Miscellaneous older Distortions masks

  All but one are masks made by Hollywood Halloween, which is no longer in business.  The one exception is the dark mask on the far right. It's by an unknown maskmaker, and looks like a latex version of the character in Candyman.
  pic 1: back row: Werewolf of London, Tony Pitocco; Bad Moon, Death Studios, Crying Baby, unknown; Xenophobe, Death Studios
front row: the Undertaker, Death Studios; Hyde, Tony Pitocco; Caliban, Death Studios

pic 2: Vampiress Laura Lady, standard version, from David Lady; Pennywise, from Bump in the Night Productions; Closet Monster, sculpted by Carol Hicks, finished by D. Lady; Mrs. Bates, D. Lady; Vampiress Laura Lady, alternate version, D. Lady